A collection of quilt-related products and habits

  1. Fabric Stash
    Storing and organizing fabric is critical to finding what you need when you need it.
  2. Odds & Ends
    I like to save those 1-5 inch strips that are left after cutting the fabric. I sort them into size, and then use them for scrappy quilts down the road. Many times, Value is more important than Color.
    Using Remnants
  3. Favorite Tools
    Every time a new tool comes out, I buy it. But some get used a lot more than others. Every month or so I will describe one of the tools and what I like and dislike about it.
    Irons, scissors, etc.
  4. Fabric Favorites
    My favorite fabric for the month of April is Moda's Urban Grunge. Love the grays, love the yellow, love the orange. Love all of them. I have been putting this grunge fabric in so many of my new designs!
    Moda's Urban Grunge